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Dwarven Manufacture

Casual yet Hardcore Low Rate Lineage 2 servers

Fellow Dwarves!

Welcome to Dwarven Manufacture, the most challenging and hardcore private Lineage 2 server out there.

Our main objective is to create a casual and long term adventure where mature players will enjoy steady and rewarding game play. Low rate settings will ensure that each victory, level or crafted item will feel like a real achievement! Therefore, better be prepared for some grinding, dying, pain and suffering because no body will hold your hand and there will definitely be some blood and tears!

If that didn’t scare you off then you’re in the right place! We’re currently hosting a Multi Skill High Five server ‘Fire and Steel’ where players can learn skills from all classes and become as versatile as the gods themselves.

This is a small project and will be maintained as such. We have a project developer who will fix any bugs and the server machine is more than capable to handle high population… not that there will be that many crazy people willing to play here! Please visit the Server Rules section to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Welcome and enjoy our long term project… it’s good to have you!

Galim's Tavern x2

Dwarven Multiskill

XP / SP: x2
Drop Chance / Amount: x12 / x1.5
 Spoil Chance / Amount: x10 / x1.5
Crafting Materials Drop / Spoil Amount: x2
Adena Drop Amount / Chance: x1.5 / x2
Party Bonus XP/SP: +15%
Bonuses to Adena / XP / SP / Enchanting from Voting, completing Achievements and being on top of our Museum Ranking
Up to x6 times Harder Monsters, Raids, Minions, Defenders, Grand Bosses and Elpies!
No GM Shop, Global GK, DualBox, NPC Buffer, Crying and Moaning


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